Standing Seam Roof

One major benefit of standing seam metal roofing is that the fasteners are hidden from view. Exposed fasteners can look unsightly, and they may break down over time as they are exposed to moisture, UV, and weather. In addition, standing seam roofing systems do not put holes in a structure’s protective panels.


Long Lasting and Durable

Curb Appeal

Fire Resistance

Less Maintenance


TPO (thermoplastic polyolefin) is a highly durable, single-ply membrane commonly used for flat, commercial-type roofs. TPO membrane stays effective, even through long-term exposure to the sun’s UV rays, and it resists tearing, puncture and water damage. TPO membrane also resists dirt buildup and bacterial growth, making it easier to maintain a clean roof. When installed properly, TPO membrane may last 25 years, although maximum life expectancy may vary.

Resistance to mold, dirt and UV rays

Protection against rips, tears and punctures

Simple and affordable installation

Enhanced energy efficiency