Veteran Brothers Roofing & Restoration is owned by Cameron Schronk, Cameron and several members of the team are disabled veterans. We pride ourselves on doing everything we can do to give opportunities to former enlisted veterans. We take extra steps to ensure that each member of our team has their needs met and properly accommodated while never sacrificing quality of work. We do this to ensure you, the homeowner, get the highest quality service on the market.

What is a veteran-owned small business?

As its name implies, a veteran-owned small business (or VOSB, in government-contracting speak) is a small business that is at least 51% unconditionally owned and controlled by a veteran. A service-disabled veteran-owned small business (SDVOSB) is a small business that is 51% unconditionally owned and controlled by a service-disabled veteran. These definitions sound relatively simple at first blush, but there are many nuances in the law. Just because a small is 51% owned by a veteran doesn't necessarily make it an SDVOSB or VOSB in the eyes of the government.

Control can be a subjective concept. But to control the business, the veteran (or service-disabled veteran, as the case may be) must exercise unconditional authority over the company's day-to-day affairs and long-term strategic decision-making. Again, it's important to be aware of regulatory nuances. For example, the VA's regulations generally require the veteran to work full-time for the company to meet the unconditional control requirement.